Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 Sanibonani

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It’s the time to be thankful for the new year blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our achievements. At the same time, Unyaka omusha 2021 is new beginning new start, so to start strong, and yet another chance to do everything we want to do this year.

Okwamanje, enjoy the fireworks, sweets the loud and boisterous family dinners, nokudla okusondelene nothileyo omthandayo. And don’t forget! Greet everyone with Happy New Year Wishes‘ specially curated quotations and specially made greeting cards.

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Wishing you all good things in this New Year!
Have fun, joy, ukuthula, uthando, care, luck and success ahead! Happy New Year to All my Friends!

Happy new year Greetings

May this new year all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. ― Happy New Year 2021

New Year Greeting Cards Dreams

Happy new year Greetings

Ι wish yοu get only lοve, happiness Αnd cheer this Νew Year and nοthing odd touches yοur life. ― Happy New Year 2021 


New Year Greetings Love Happiness

Jabulela unyaka omusha: May the New Year bring to you the warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.

May God bless you in this year with peace, joy, and abundance of happiness! Good Luck with Happy New Year

Happy New Year Greeting Friends

Motivational New Year Greetings

A new year is like a blank book. The pen is your hands. it is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Wishing you a great Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year Greeting Images

Happy new year Greetings

  • Wishes are meant for those you love, which is why I’m sending them your way. May each wish bring you joy. ― Happy New Year 2021
  • Let my New Year Message be a carrier of good luck to you for the coming year! Wishing you a great and rocking New Year.
  • New is the day and New is the year, Fresh are the wishes for you, and New are the promises! Wishing you a great Happy and Prosperous New Year!
  • When The New Year Arrives, It Brings New Ideas And Hopes For Us To Make Our Lives Good To Better And Better To Best. Jabulela unyaka omusha
  • Let’s celebrate this New Year by thanking everyone who made our last year full of smiles and happiness! Wishing you beautiful New Year and Happy New Year

Positive New Year Greetings

Jοy, happiness, love Αnd good health Αll these I wish fοr you this new Υear. ― Wish Yοu All Happy New Υear

Happy New Υear Greetings Joy Happiness Love

May all the 365 days of the New Year 2021 be yours for with Happiness, Joy, and Affection! Jabulela unyaka omusha

Let’s a welcome Τhe year which Ιs fresh and Νew, Let’s cherish Εach moment it Βeholds, Let’s celebrate Τhis blissful new Υear. Jabulela unyaka omusha

Μay your eyes, Μind and heart Βe filled with a Τrue spirit of starting Α new year Τhat gives Α fresh dimension to yοur life. Happy Νew Year tο you!

Τhis New Year Μay you find Α loving yet firm Ηand of friendship Αnd companionship each Τime you stretch οut yours. Jabulela unyaka omusha

Μay you be Βlessed with all Τhe beautiful and wοnderful things Τhat life has tο offer in 2021. Wish yοu a Happy Νew Year.

Latest New Year Greetings

Genuine success cοmes only to Τhose who Αre ready for Ιt. Sο never steps Βack and always Ηave courage to accept new challenges. Ukubingelela konyaka omusha.

Greetings Happy New Year Card

Μay you take Α to leap forward Τhis Νew Year, Τake on Νew Adventures, Step on Νew roads that yοu can explore, Αchieve new Ηeights … Ηave a Happy New Year

Μay the Αlmighty let you share yοur Good hοpes, Peace, Lοve, Joy, and Ηappiness with οthers give you strength tο forgive and Αbove all, Ηave all the success yοu wish for Ιn 2021

The Year Is New, The Hopes Are New, The Aspirations Are New, But My Warm Wishes For Happiness And Prosperity Remains The Same For You And Your Family. Jabulela unyaka omusha

May Gοd gift you Α style to convert the yοur dream into reality Ιn this new Υear. Wish yοu Happy New Year.

Α new Day and Α brand new Υear has cοme, bringing with Ιt opportunities tο shine. Μake the most οf this year to Αchieve success in Αll your endeavors.

Latest Happy New Year Greetings


New Beginning New Year Greetings

Μay this year Βe the one Ιn which all yοur wishes cοme true. Τhe one in which yοur dreams may Τurn into reality Αnd all your fears Μay fade away. Jabulela unyaka omusha 2019

New Aim, New Dreams, New Achievements Everything Waiting For You. Forget The Failures. Correct Your Mistakes. Surely Success Is Yours. Jabulela unyaka omusha

Wishing You A Happy New Year Greetings
Happy New Year Greeting Card

Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Jabulela unyaka omusha.

Its time to decorate your life with the colors that this new year has brought for you. May your life shine brighter than a thousand lightning stars!

Simple Happy New Year Greetings Messages

May the joys of new year last forever in your life. May you find the light that guide you towards your desired destination. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Uyemukelwa 2021 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Jabulela unyaka omusha.

Sanibonani kuNcibijane 2

Happy New Year To All

Kwangathi unyaka omusha uletha zonke izinto ezinhle empilweni ezikufanele ngempela. Usuvele unonyaka omangalisayo & uzoba nokunye okumangalisa ngokwengeziwe!

Okusha unyaka, amasha amathemba, isinqumo esisha, kusha imimoya, futhi zintsha izifiso zami ezifudumele ngawe. Ube nonyaka omusha othembisayo nogcwalisayo!

Sanibonani kuNcibijane 3

Ngiyethemba impilo yakho izogcwala ukumangala nenjabulo onyakeni omusha osezoqala. Kwangathi ungabusiswa ngakho konke okufunayo empilweni.

Omunye unyaka omuhle uzophela. Kodwa ungakhathazeki, unyaka owodwa ngaphezulu usendleleni yokuhlobisa impilo yakho ngemibala engenamkhawulo yenjabulo!

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Happy New Year Greetings for Friends

You’ve been the most amazing friend in my life throughout the past years. I hope you’ll never stop doing that. Jabulela unyaka omusha!


Last year was a special year in my life because I met you. Next year will be special because I already have you as my best friend!

Without you, last year wouldn’t be so full of sweet memories. I can’t wait to do the same in this year. Wishing you a happy new year!

It feels wonderful to think about how quickly we became such good friends to each other. I’m sure our friendship will last forever. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Becoming your friend was the best thing I’ve done in last year. I would really like to keep this friendship alive for the rest of my life!

Romantic Happy New Year Greetings

I was so busy in loving you that I barely noticed one more year has been spent. Happy new year my love! Wish you all the happiness in this world!

Every new year is a reason for me to fall in love with you for new reasons. Jabulela unyaka omusha! I will never stop falling in love with you!

It’s almost the end of one more wonderful year for us. I promise, my love for you will only be stronger with the passing of each day in the new year!

Your sweet smile can make me forget my deepest pain & my hardest sorrows. Happy new year dear. You’re the reason why new years are so amazing!

Ukubingelela Konyaka Omusha Omuhle

May all your problems vanish as quickly as your new year’s resolution does every year. I wish you a happy new year full of happiness!

Imilayezo Yonyaka Omusha Ojabulisayo

Its time of the year to make new year’s resolutions that you know you can never keep. But you’ll do it anyway. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

The funniest thing about the last day of a year is that you can make a bunch of unrealistic to-dos list & still everyone would say you can accomplish them!

You know you’re old & tired when you just want to have nap instead of being drunk & have fun on a New Year’s Eve. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

One more year has gone & you’re still the dumb person you were always. Let’s hope you can be a better person this year!

Happy New Year Greetings for Girlfriend

Each moment I’ve spent last year with you made me realize how important you are in my life. I don’t want to lose you ever. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Every new year of my life can only be full of love and romance because you’re in my life. I look forward to spending one more beautiful year with you!

Since I’ve met you, you’ve become the purpose of my life. I just want to keep you close by me and love you with all I have. Happy new year my love!

It’s not the beauty of you, it’s the beauty of your heart face that made me fall in love with you. I want a thousand new year with you in my life!


The only I wish I have for the new year is that I want to make you feel happy always and forever. Your happiness will always be my priority number one!

Happy New Year Greetings for Boyfriend

I love you more today than I loved you yesterday. And I will love you more tomorrow than I love you today. Happy New year!

God has been too kind to send someone like you in my life. I want to make sure that this gift of god stays with me forever. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

I felt like living in heaven in the entire last year. I never knew your love for me was so deep and so true. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

If I could live a thousand years on this earth, I’d choose to live with you all of it. Your love means everything to me now. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy New Year Greetings for Wife

You filled my life with the abundance of love, joy and smiles. You’re the kind of wife only a fortunate one can get. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

You did not only complete me, but you also completed my home and my world. I want to spend every year of my life loving you. Wish you a happy new year!

I never regret a moment for being with you. Your presence is the sweetest thing that can ever happen to me. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Thanks for being the loveliest wife in this world. I really want to make this year very special for you. Happy new year my dear!

You are biggest blessing of my life. You have made every dream of mine come true. May the new year bring all the joy that you deserve!

Happy New Year Greetings for Husband

I dream for a sweet husband and a happy home and god introduced me with you. You are the best achievement in my life. Jabulela unyaka omusha!


Thanks for making the last year of my life a collection of beautiful memories. Your presence in life is everything I ever dreamt of. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

My life has been more like a fairy tale since you came into my life. You’ve made all sadness in my life vanish with a touch of your love. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

You are and will always remain to be the man of my dream. I love You with all my heart and respect you for the person you are. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

I don’t think I can ever have a bad year in my life as long as you’re in it. You’re really the best life partner ever. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy New Year Greetings for Parents

God always has the best plan for me. It all started when he decided to send me to the most amazing parents in the world. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Even if I die and be born a thousand times to a thousand different parents, I could never be as happy as I am for being your born to you! Jabulela unyaka omusha!

I want to make this new year the best year for you two. I want to make sure you are happy and enjoying each moment of the year. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Being able to spend every new year with you is the most wonderful experience in life. May the new year bring a long-lasting smile to both your faces.


Being born to parents like you is a blessing for a lifetime. I am thankful to you for loving me and taking care of me since my birth. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy New Year Greetings for Family

  • I find myself lucky because I had my family supporting me in all the bad and good times. I want to wish a happy new year for my amazing family!
  • It doesn’t matter how far I am from you guys, I’ll always be missing you and especially now, because it’s the New Year’s Eve. Jabulela unyaka omusha!
  • I wait the entire year just for this time in the year to get back to my sweet home to spend the New Year’s Eve with my sweet family. Happy new year to everyone!
  • Kuyamangalisa ukuba yingxenye yomndeni onabantu abaningi abahle kuwo. I love you all and I miss you all. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy New Year Greetings for Sister

  • We have so many memories together that its impossible to enjoy a New Year’s Eve without thinking of you! Happy new year dear sister!
  • You and I share the same root of the same tree. It doesn’t matter how far we are from each other, we’ll always be connected by our hearts. Jabulela unyaka omusha!
  • I wish this new year will be so full of fun for you. I wish you enjoy every moment of this coming year. Jabulela unyaka omusha!
  • As the sunlight kisses your forehead to let you know it’s a new morning in the new year, I’m from far away sending to you love and lots of care for the new year!
  • Your unconditional love and caring has made the person I am today. You are not only my sister, but also my greatest companion. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy New Year Greetings for Brother

  • Your presence in life is the reason for comfort and contentment. You are the perfect brother and the best friend of my life. Jabulela unyaka omusha!
  • You’re the finest blessing that a person ever received from God. My heartiest love and prayer for you in this coming year. Jabulela unyaka omusha!
  • You took care of me throughout the last year as a true guardian. I want the same for the rest of my life. Happy new year to my beloved brother!
  • Tomorrow as you wake up in a new morning in a new year, just know that your sister is always there to have your back no matter what. Jabulela unyaka omusha!
  • The old one with so many memories of us is about to leave. But don’t be sad, we are going to make a bunch of sweet memories in the new year once again.

Happy New Year Greetings for Teacher

I may not be a good student but I remember every word you say and I always try to follow your advice. Happy new year teacher!

You are not only my favorite teacher but also my biggest mentor. I’m indebted to you forever for making me the person I’m today! Jabulela unyaka omusha!

You’ve taught me how to be humble when you have everything and how to be confident when you have nothing. Happy new year dear teacher!

You are the reason behind all of my achievements in life. You are and always will be a source of inspirations for millions like me. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy new year to my favorite teacher. I hope this new year will shower your life with success, prosperity and happiness that last forever!

Happy New Year Greetings for Boss

Not every employee is so fortunate to have a supportive boss like you. Your support always makes my job easier for me. Wish you a happy new year!


Happy New Year Greetings For Boss

May the new year be the year of reaching your goals and achieving the milestones in your life. May all the success embrace you in this year!

You’re a visionary leader and a dedicated mentor. Last year was a year of learning for me because of you. Thank you and happy new year!

It’s always a pleasure working under your supervision. You’re the perfect boss and the best mentor for anyone. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Futhi: Happy Diwali

My professional life would be a waste if I didn’t have you as my mentor. You are the reason behind my every success. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Happy New Year Greetings for Customer

We are satisfied when you are happy. Your happiness and contentment are what we do business for. Happy new year dear customer!

Customer is the King. But some customers are more than a king. They are everything that we do business for. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Everything we do, is for satisfying your needs. Happy new year to you. We promise we’ll never stop impressing you with our services!

Any business would love to have some customers like you. It’s always good to know you’re satisfied with our service. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Doing business with you is always a pleasure. Hopefully, we’ll have more business with each other next year than last year. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

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Unyaka omusha 2021 Sanibonani

Ake sigubhe lokhu okuthokozisayo, ezimibalabala, okuhle, magical New Year 2021 with a great big smile.


Sikufisela unyaka ogcwele injabulo nokuchuma. Kwangathi lo nyaka ungakunika ithuba lokulandela amaphupho akho, uthando ngathi alukho kusasa futhi amamatheke ngokungenamibandela.

Njengoba sigubha uNyaka Omusha 2021, Ngifisela wonke umuntu impumelelo, impilo ende enempilo nesiqalo esisha esisha. Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 !

Sinenhlanhla yokuthi sithola ithuba lesibili, ngakho-ke bonga futhi uphile impilo ngokugcwele. Ube nonyaka omusha ojabulisayo 2021!

Masibe ngumuntu ongcono, umuntu ongcono nesakhamuzi esingcono. Unyaka Omusha isikhathi sokuzithuthukisa umhlaba ongcono.

Sanibonani kuNcibijane

Ngifisa bonke abangane bami nomndeni wami we-Facebook unyaka omusha obusisiwe ogcwele ukuthula, ukuhleka, ukuchuma kanye nempilo.

Kwangathi ungahlala uzungezwe ithemba futhi uqondiswe izinkanyezi. Ube nonyaka omusha onempumelelo!

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. May you enjoy each day of your adventure. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

We may be far apart but you are always in my heart. May you have a healthy and abundant New Year!

Cheers to a better life and a bright future. Ube nonyaka omusha onempumelelo!

Free yourself from Happiness and frown for the New Year has finally come to town. Ube nonyaka omusha ojabulayo futhi onempilo!

May all your Sanibonani come true and a very happy New Year to you!

Izimbali zibomvu, ama-violets aluhlaza okwesibhakabhaka, yisikhathi sephathi, Jabulela unyaka omusha kuwe! Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

Yiba nomsangano, ukuzamazama, unyaka omusha othakazelisayo nomlingo!


Lovely New Year Greetings

Uthando olusha, okusha do, isikhwama esisha, uhambo olusha, okusha wena. Sengathi unyaka olandelayo ungaba yimpumelelo enkulu kuwe. Lovely New Year Sanibonani

INkosi inibusise futhi inithele ngekusasa elihle. Jabulela unyaka omusha! Lovely New Year Sanibonani

365 izinsuku ziphelele, 365 izinsuku ezintsha ezizayo, Ngibhala isinqumo sikaNcibijane, Kuthiwani ngawe? Kwangathi ungaba noNyaka Omusha omuhle! Lovely New Year Sanibonani

Nali ithuba lakho lokuvula ikhasi elisha. Kwangathi ungaba nohambo oluyimpumelelo ngaphambili. Jabulela unyaka omusha! Lovely New Year Sanibonani

Yenza uNyaka wakho omusha ube ukuqhuma kobumnandi, kugcwele ukubingelela okujabulisayo nokufudumele kwawo wonke umuntu. Ube nonyaka omusha onempilo! Lovely New Year Sanibonani

Jabulela unyaka omusha nokuvalelisa okuhle kokudala. Kwangathi ungaba nonyaka omusha ochumayo futhi onempilo! Lovely New Year Wishes

Wishing you a year that’s promising, exciting, inspiring and full of fun! Happy New Year everyone! Lovely New Year Wishes

May the new chapter of your life be even better than the last. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle! Lovely New Year Wishes

Unyaka omusha 2021 Happy Greetings For Girlfriend

Sikufisela impilo enhle, unyaka omusha onokuthula nenjabulo ogcwele ubumnandi!

Kwangathi ungazifeza izinhloso zakho zalo nyaka omusha. Ngiyazi ukuthi ungakwenza. Okuhamba phambili Sanibonani for New Years.

Unyaka omusha yisikhathi sokugubha nabangani nomndeni, ukuzijabulisa, ukubamba nokuzijabulisa. Ngakho-ke kwangathi ungawujabulela uNyaka Omusha wakho nabantu obathandayo.

Kwangathi ungaba noNyaka Omusha ocebile futhi omangalisayo ngaphambi kwakho futhi kwangathi onke amaphupho akho angafezeka. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

Nginifisela uNyaka Omusha onombala onjengomlilo futhi ojabulisayo njengendlu yokubhabha. Sikufisela unyaka omusha ojabulisayo!


Sikufisela uNyaka Omusha okhazimula ngobumnandi nangomoya ophakeme. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

Kwangathi unyaka wakho omusha ungafika unethemba nesikhwama esigcwele izibusiso. Ube nonyaka omusha ochumayo futhi onempilo!

Ubusha balo nyaka buyangikhuthaza ukuthi nginibingelele, ngoba zonke izinto ezinkulu ziqale kabusha. Izifiso ezinhle zonyaka omusha!

Unyaka omusha 2021 Happy Greetings For Couples

Kwangathi lo nyaka omusha ungakunika isibindi sokubhekana nomkhathizwe omusha. Ube nonyaka omusha obusisekile!

When the New Year starts with colorful fireworks, let them light up your life like a candle in the night and may they color your year like a rainbow. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Yenza uNyaka wakho omusha ube ukuqhuma kobumnandi, celebrate it with everyone. I wish you all the best that life can bring, it’s New Year Eve lets party and sing!

May opportunity and prosperity come knocking on your door. Ube nonyaka omusha ochumayo futhi onempilo!

May the spirit of this holiday bring you hope and an exciting new beginning. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

All the stars wish you a happy New Year, even the moon is brighter to guide you, have no fear. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

May each day of the New Year be filled with contentment, opportunities, peace and abundance. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

May you have no regrets leaving the old and may you get excited facing the new. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

Party hard, celebrate and make a New Year’s wish. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Unyaka omusha 2021 Happy Greetings & Sayings

Tomorrow will be the new beginning of an exciting new page in our lives. Celebrate and rejoice! I wish you happiness in the year to come.

This coming year may you have happiness, good health, prosperity and finally realize how awesome I really am!

Before I get completely wasted, make a fool of myself, stumble my way home and pass out, let me wish you a very happy New Year! Happy New Year Wishes

May your New Year’s resolution be high definition. And may you be too drunk to understand that joke! Happy New Year Wishes

To all of my Facebook friends, may your Facebook page be full of New Year wishes from people you barely know! Happy New Year Wishes


Unyaka omusha 2021 Top Happy Greetings

May the New Year hurry up and come so we can finally get past this holiday season and get on with our lives!

New Year’s resolutions are a to-do list for the first week of January.

My New Year’s resolution is to be a little less perfect so I can stop making everyone else look so bad.

May you grow old enough that you struggle to stay up until midnight, prefer to stay home on New Year’s Eve and are unable to remember what a New Year celebration was like when you were young.

My New Year’s resolution is to stop pretending that you don’t annoy me so much.

Jabulela unyaka omusha! Here’s hoping that we can stay up later than 9 o’clock.

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I deceived myself into making New Year’s resolutions.

Sanibonani kuNcibijane 2021 For Relationship

May you get so drunk that you can’t remember any of last year’s problems and you see the New Year through beer goggles.

“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” – Mark Twain

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” – Bill Vaughan

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions. – Joey Adams

Unyaka omusha 2021 Happy Greetings For Friends

One thing I resolve not to change this year is our friendship. Thanks for being so awesome!

To all of my friends, may you have a healthy, happy, prosperous and spectacular New Year!

Your friendship has been one of the most valuable things in my life this past year. Ngiyabonga ngakho konke.

Friends like you bring happiness all throughout the year. Have an excellent New Year!

The New Year goes perfectly with old friends like you.

My friend, may every day of the New Year radiate with joy and glow with prosperity and joy for you.

With friends like you, I don’t need New Year’s resolutions because I’ve already got a terrific life. Thanks for all you do.

Happy New Year greetings friend! Now let’s party!

Unyaka omusha 2021 Lovely Greetings For Family

New Year’s is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. May this year bring you all that you hope and desire. If anyone deserves it, it is you my friend.

Just as a flower buds and blooms to reveal its refreshing beauty and fresh scent, may the New Year bring with it a fresh new start and many beautiful things for you.

You are my best friend and there is nobody that I more sincerely wish for all the blessings of life to come to this new year than you. Thanks for being you.

A true friend is someone who doesn’t laugh at you for not keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Thanks for being a true friend to me. Izifiso ezinhle zonyaka omusha!

Happy New Year wishes to all of my friends. Thanks for all you did to make this past year a happy one.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this past year. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to be by my side throughout it all.

May the spirit of the season fill your heart with serenity and peace. Happy New Year my friend.

Unyaka omusha 2021 Happy Greetings For Ex Girlfriend

Thank you for all the love you’ve given me this year, thank you for giving me so much to be grateful for.

We may not be perfect, but we are family, and there is nobody that I more sincerely wish to have a truly happy New Year.

May this year bring you more visits from me, more food to make for me and less arguments from me!

Happy New Year Mom and Dad. Thanks for all that you do for me.

Happy New Year my sister. I couldn’t ask for a better sibling. May we both live to see many more New Years.

Happy New Year brother. May this year bring you much prosperity, love and joy.

Happy New Year my child. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this past year.

I can’t wait to ring in the New Year with all of you. I am so lucky to have such a great family.


Unyaka omusha 2021 Happy Greetings For Ex Boyfriend

Sorry we aren’t celebrating the New Year together, but family is always connected even when far away.

May God bless our family and protect us throughout the entire new year. May we forgive and forget all past mistakes and deepen our family bonds.

Wishing all of you a year filled with cheer and love. Happy New Year my wonderful family!

The New Year has brought another opportunity for us to set things right and to start anew in our lives.

Dad, thanks for all that you do and all that you’ve done to set me off on the road of life. Much of the credit for my victories this year goes to you.

Mom, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and let you know that I truly do appreciate every little thing that you have done for me.

Wishing you a prosperous year full of good health and lots of cheer.

Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 Greetings for Lovers and Partners

My gift of unconditional love I give to you, with sincerity, blessings and loyalty too. Have a wonderful New Year my darling!

You are my life, you are my world, you are my everything. Happy New Year dear.

You are the center of my universe, the soul to my body and the love of my life. Happy New Year my love!

True happiness is you, true meaning is you, and true love is you. Happy New Year greetings darling!

Years will come and years will go, but our love for each other will only strengthen and grow.

May you and I grow old together, celebrating each New Year with our arms wrapped around each other, with love that will deepen with each passing year.

I only have one New Year’s resolution: to make you feel like a queen for all 365 izinsuku.

The New Year will come and go but I am just happy to spend each day with you. Happy New Year my love!

Thank you for the best ride ever. May the New Year bring us closer and give us more exciting adventures together.

I am so blessed in many ways but I am grateful to be celebrating the New Year with you. Ngiyakuthanda!

I look forward to the New Year because I get to share it with you.

Unyaka omusha 2021 Poem Greetings

I love you so very much and when I hold you near, I know I have all I need for a wonderful New Year.

My New Year is such a blast and a blessing because of you. Ngiyakuthanda!

You are my dream come true, oh it’s so true! I’ll have the best New Year because of you.

There is nobody I would rather have by my side this New Year than you. May we celebrate many more together.

Thanks for making this past year the best one yet. Happy New Year my love.

I can’t believe that I get to spend this New Year with the most beautiful, breath-taking person in the whole world.

If I kiss you at midnight on New Year’s Eve every year for the rest of my life, then I will be truly happy.

I love you with all of my heart and soul and I resolve to love you more and more each and every year.

A celebration just isn’t joyful if you’re not by my side. Happy New Year love, I can’t wait to see you again.

You make my heart beat like a firework. Happy New Year my love!

I will never get tired of loving you, from January through December, and as the New Year arrives, my love for you will keep on growing.

New Year Happy Text/ SMS Greetings

Even though we are not together for this New Year, you are in my heart and I wish you all the best.

I miss you more than ever right now. At this moment, when one year kisses another, I wish I was kissing you.

May your New Year be one of renewal, success, love and a cell phone battery that never runs out!

Jabulela unyaka omusha! Sorry for the text, but someone as important as you deserves to be greeted right at the stroke of midnight.

Happy New Year my friend. May this year be one of prosperity and joy for you and I hope we get a chance to meet up in 2021.

Happy 2021! Can you believe we still use text messages in this day and age?

You’re lucky these New Year greetings are coming to you through a phone because otherwise you’d be getting one heck of a kiss!

Forgive me for all my past mistakes. May this New Year bring us both a fresh new start. Best wishes for the new year!

Sorry to send New Years greetings through a text message, but I figured email was too impersonal!

May you have a healthy and happy New Year and may you experience a new year as often as there’s a new iPhone!

Happy New Year Wish Sayings

Unyaka omusha, okusha wena, new resolution, new change, new beginning, new opportunities. Happy New Year to you!

May you have a year filled with smiles, uthando, luck and prosperity. This is my wish from me to you. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Celebrate a new beginning with true friends and family, full of love and harmony. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

May the light of the fireworks give you hope and may the wishes from friends and family bring about a smile on your face. Have an exciting New Year!

A future of love, hope, health and happiness I wish to you. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

May God’s love shine and bless you this year. Ube nonyaka omusha obusisekile!

Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 imikhonzo
Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 imikhonzo

As we bid farewell to the past, may it take all our pain and sorrows with it and may the New Year arrive with an arm open wide and full of blessings and joy. Happy New Years Eve!

May we never think about sorrows and only contemplate on a brighter, merrier tomorrow. Have a healthy and bright New Year!

Wishing you a warm and heartfelt greeting for you and your family, full of love, hope and serenity. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

Say goodnight to the old year and say hello and greet the New Year with open arms. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

New Year’s is for renew, New Year’s is for hope, New Year’s is for peace and plenty, New Year’s is for you!

A sparkling brand new year lies ahead, a better and abundant new life that you will lead. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

Unyaka omusha 2021 Sanibonani

May you have a victorious and prosperous New Year!

Say hello to a New Year, new you and new blessings. Ube nonyaka omusha ochumayo futhi onempilo!

Cheers to a life so blessed, toast to an exciting new quest, and I wish you all the best. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

The best thing about the New Year is having the feeling of a renewed hope. The chance to get it right and to enjoy the journey. Have a successful New Year!

Happy New Year to you, and may all your heart’s desires come true!

It is the time for fun and party, it is the time to reflect and be grateful, so celebrate and be cheerful. Jabulela unyaka omusha!

May you give yourself a new chance and a new beginning because New Year’s means celebrating. Happy New Year to you!

Another year has passed, another year is coming, so grab it, enjoy it and have a blast. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

May blessings and hope abound for you and your family this year. Ube nonyaka omusha ochumayo futhi onempilo!

The New Year is a new start, so, ready set and go, make it memorable and live your life to the fullest. Best wishes for the new year!

A big smile, a big hug, a warm welcome for the New Year has come. Sikufisela unyaka omusha omuhle!

UNcibijane uphinde weza ukuzosinika ithemba elisha nogqozi lokuba abantu abangcono nabantu abangcono. Have a successful New Year!

Kwangathi lo nyaka omusha ungakulethela impumelelo kunoma yini oyenzayo, futhi ngizohlala njalo ngisekela futhi ngikuhalalisela. Izifiso ezinhle zonyaka omusha!

Ngiyanithandazela impilo enempilo futhi ende futhi nginifisela okuhle kodwa kulo nyaka omusha. Ube nonyaka omusha omuhle!

Bengingazi ukuthi ngibhale ini ekhadini lonyaka omusha, ngakho-ke ngizokufisela nje uNyaka Omusha onempilo futhi onempumelelo!

Jabulela unyaka omusha is called for party of New Year that is coming to individuals so they may take pleasure in the approaching year thankfully. Folks have fun and revel in the last day that the year thankful2ly and be ready for the following year. Folks pray that the coming year will bring a lot of joy and joy in their life. People do celebrations and pleasure in their house or in lots of hotels. People also delight in the flavor of vacation since it’s regarded as a public holiday in massive cities So all individuals may enjoy the night of New Year.

Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 the very first party of this year is simply a few days before us. And we’re exceptionally excited and going mad about it. Obviously, going mad about it retains lots of explanations. Also since it’s the time once we do create resolutions and try our best to stay with this. Along with this, it’s another huge celebration following the Christmas. And most of us want to party out our heart on this particular day.

There are quite a great deal of offices which organizes New year celebrations. Nevertheless, when it comes to Christmas, folks mostly love to invest it with their loved ones.

Some shops are open during the night and shop employees appreciate this night by viewing the fireworks too there are lots of exceptional programs on this issue of New year is broadcasted on T.V. Individuals of different religions as well as different cultures celebrate this occasion unitedly.

2021 Sanibonani

This New Year is incomplete without needing a person, thus we are here providing you Best Happy New Year Wishes 2021 so you could send them for your nearest and dearest and pray to their joy in this forthcoming New Year.

The afternoon of New Year is coming and a lot of pleasure and happiness will be shared which day. The day on our bonds will get more powerful than ever, and we shall will even pray and provide good wishes to our family and friends so the upcoming coming year will probably be enjoying and provide success to them. You will desire them using cards or by simply saying but now we’re here with Happy New Year Wishes 2021 For Friends And Family that you are able to send to your relatives and friends to create their New Year amazing and memorable. We have additionally supplying videos and images that you may send to your relatives and friends since Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 Izifiso.

“This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest…
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!”

“You are a unique one in my life
I will always value you
Thank you for being a aspect of my life
Happy New Year 2021”

“Just as a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around…
May the new year add a new beauty and freshness into your life.
Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021!”

“Every New Year people get you some presents but your best present you get never changes,
Your own existence! It is also your best present to others!”

The Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 is only a few days off from us. And there’s absolutely no doubt that everybody is hell excited about. Obviously, the motives behind this excitement really are quite a great deal. Some folks are excited because it’s a new year and a new start for them.
And go for a few holidays possibly.

The motives can be quite many, but something which most of us do is head over to our favorite social networking platform to desire our online pals. All we would like to do is to post the most kickass position, or graphics simply to want our friends.

On this day, most of the schools and colleges in addition to the authorities and nonprofit organizations stay near. On the other hand, the resorts and stores are available the entire night because everybody wants to party out. And clubs would be the best location to do so.

On the TV, you will find quite a great deal of special apps gets telecasted which boost the new year party pleasure. Additionally, there are a lot of TV channels have begun discussing the new year’ particular shows.

Noma kunjalo, besides the disasters, what really matters in Happy New year 2021 is your party. In this period there are lots of relatives that see their nearest and dearest and chill.

Or they just wind up being at a bar and spend the night by drinking alcohols and conveys. Also as there are individuals who do a lot of promises to one another and search for a better future ahead.

2021 Ukubingelela konyaka omusha

It’s something which reveals love between two individuals along with the Jabulela unyaka omusha 2021 Event is the ideal time to boost this love much more. Throughout the new year we produce new memories with individuals, we meet new folks and a construct powerful connection adore. Regardless of a connection of a friendship new year is the ideal time to do so. Even it’s the best time for lots of men and women that wish to find apologies. As during new year period folks are very likely to forgive people. Hence in the event that you would like to apologize to somebody for something. Then the best time which you may utilize.


  • Wishing you and your family good health, happiness,
    success and prosperity in the coming year!
    Have a great start to a great year!”


  • “May the spirit of the season of,
    New year fill your heart,
    with serenity and peace,
    Wish you a happy new year!”


  • “Years come n go,
    but this year I specially wish 4 u
    a double dose of health n happiness
    topped with loads of good fortune.
    Have a great year ahead!


  • “Counting my blessings and wishing you more.
    Ube nonyaka omusha onempumelelo!”


  • “This coming year may you have happiness, good health,
    prosperity and finally realize how awesome I really am!”


  • “My New Year’s resolution is to stop pretending
    that you don’t annoy me so much.”